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Understanding The Full Emotional Impact Of Elder Abuse

In Texas, seniors exhibit signs of trauma after abuse in nursing homes. The attacks have a negative effect on the patients that is not only physical but also emotional. The unethical actions are a crime and should be reported at the first signs. A local attorney explains the full emotional impact of elder abuse on seniors.

Agitation and Frustration

Seniors who were abused become agitated and frustrated easily. Whenever their family is present, some seniors even become combative. The reason for the behavior pattern is a lack of control. An abusive caregiver often threatens the senior and makes them fearful. The senior’s frustration and agitation are based on the fear of retaliation if they report their abuser.

Loss of Interest and Motivation

Depression is a common result of abuse. Seniors who were once full of joy are often withdrawn and despondent. Once the depression takes over, the senior begins to lose all interest in activities they once loved. Their motivation will wane, and the senior will stay in their own space away from others more often.

Dramatic Changes in Their Personality

Abuse often leads to dramatic changes in the senior’s personality. Hopelessness and fear transform the most headstrong individual into something they are not. Seniors who undergo the changes are likely to suffer from more complex mental conditions due to the trauma of the abuse.

Weight Loss and Malnutrition

Weight loss and malnutrition are common signs of abuse. In some cases, the senior is too depressed to eat, or the caregiver refuses to feed them. A physical examination determines if the senior is malnourished.

Odd Behaviors in Seniors

Seniors that begin rocking back and forth are dealing with emotional trauma. The patients may also bite others in retaliation if their behaviors are corrected. If the patient regresses, it is also possible that they will start sucking their thumbs like an infant.

In Texas, seniors show signs of trauma that manifest in various ways. The signs and symptoms of the actions include agitation, unexplained injuries, malnutrition, and depression. A local attorney helps families when their senior is abused. Families that need legal help for elderly abuse contact an attorney right now.