Business Has Picked Up with Our Animated Cartoon

When my company would do local commercials before, we would just use a spokesperson for whatever message or advertisement we wanted to send out. I have noticed when I have been watching commercials myself though that I had been tuning those types out. The ones I did pay attention to were the animated ones, and I knew that we had to change our strategy. I met with the head of marketing, and we tossed around some ideas. He told me that he knew of a company that does motion graphics in Singapore, and he would find out some more information from them.

When he got back to me, he told me that the company takes care of everything, from the concept idea all the way to the final product which can be shown on television. He gave me the website address so I could look at them myself, and I really liked everything that I saw. I also liked that it is a local company, because I am a big advocate of supporting local businesses when it is possible. We set up an appointment with them, and there were four of us at that first meeting.

We told them about our company, and we showed them some commercials that we had done in the past. They were impressed with the direction if not the style. After seeing some of the animations they have done, I was feeling the same way. They gave us some terrific suggestions, and we agreed on giving them full control to see what they could come up with. I am not used to surrendering control like that, so that is a testament to the great job they do. The final product was more than I could have ever hoped for, and business has definitely picked up since we started airing the commercial in our region.