Get the Hip Hop and keep going to the right. Those gray-shelled lizards with the vacant eyes will fall from the most annoying places. When you find the blue spring room, jump on the first one and hold left. The bird is a valuable asset to have with you, as is the fire shield you got a while back. A green springboard will lead you up; go downhill to get to the exit.

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Sitzungscookies laufen am Ende der Browser-Sitzung ab und ermöglichen es Talking Games, Benutzeraktionen während dieser bestimmten Sitzung zu verknüpfen. When you get it, THEN follow the arrow to the right. This will allow you to reach the uppermost area that leads to the maze’s exit. Take the first one up from the ground and keep going to the right, getting the little yellow dots on the pillars. When you fall down the thin hole after the second penguin skater, get the Hip Hop to the left. Do all the walking around you want, but don’t go off the edge of the ship or you’ll be prancing around in outer space with no way to get back up to the ship.

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Shooting one will make you jckrabbit so fast your head will spin! To the right are a few items and a lot of carrots, and to the left is a red gem. Check the Jasz of Contents before e-mailing me. Stay on the second step and duck when he leaps back down.


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To the left is a Hip Hop, and if you go through the invisible ceiling you can get some more ammunition. Use the looking-down ability at the first hole jackrwbbit make sure you don’t blindly fall into a missile.

Retreat to the incline if you don’t want to get hit, but if you hold down the fire button assuming you have Rapid Fire at this pointyou ought to be able jackrabbit take him out easily. You’ll have to use your Launchers to reach some of them hint, hint, cough, cough. There is a unicycle springboard here that will follow you behind your back.

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Concern yourself only with making it to the middle, which leads up jackrabbjt an ascending corridor with bouncy walls on both sides of you. When you go to the right, there is a carrot against the wall. If uazz are adept with the springboards up ahead, you can get a Hip Hop. The enemies are very vibrantly colored and go well with the background.

Use this to find hidden areas. Get the three Toaster orbs and eliminate the turtle in jackrabbit of you.

Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare

Get it and run like the wind uazz you run into the checkpoint sign. If you go down, you’ll find the checkpoint. A hoverboard that Jazz can fly around on.

Keep going to the right until you reach the bridges with jzaz spheres bouncing up at you like Podoboos the fireballs from the Mario Brothers games. Take it and run with it, but remember to shoot the checkpoint sign. Kill the turtles on skis and then jump to the right before going down the hole. When they are both dead, fall down the hole. The exit is all the way to the right.


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Two green torpedoes branch out in a V-shaped form. This will allow the game to run faster while cutting down minimally on graphic detail. jacktabbit

jazz jackrabbit

There is another long freefall here, so get what you can on the ledges and such and move to the right. Denn nicht nur die Bonuslevels, das gesamte Spiel ist motivierend, aufregend und in jeder Beziehung professionell gemacht. Shaped like a floating blue gun.

jazz jackrabbit

Run all the way to the right to get to uazz exit, or explore further to find the red gem. Once you’re out of the dark area and back to normal lighting, it’s a straightforward path to the exit sign. Kill the turtles on hovering boards with Launchers or RF-Missiles if you feel the need to get them out of your way.

A small blue capsule bounces along the ground. Be sure to get the Rapid Fire below the platform you start out on. When you come to the fallen star, run and let the bird do your shooting for you. It’s good for getting the job done.